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Are consequences a discipline tool or a form of punishment?

CONSEQUENCES AS A DISCIPLINE TOOL By Judy Arnall Consequences are the natural outcome from our behaviours.  Every action that we humans do has a consequence. For our children, consequences are a powerful learning tool that tells them if their decision … Continue reading

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What’s Next? The Hunger Games: Toddler Edition?

I’m seeing the movie on Friday and my daughter, 17, has insisted I read the book before the movie. It’s definitely subject matter that appeals to teens and pre-teens, but as a parent and adult, I am horrified that the … Continue reading

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Faceoook Parenting for the Troubled Dad of Teen

It would be interesting to see what led up to the daughters frantic posting. I wonder if teens are being more disrespectful these days because most parents punish their kids in disrespectful ways? Which comes first, rebellion and then punishment … Continue reading

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How to discipline toddler hitting, biting, throwing and tantrums

Parenting expert, Judy Arnall, discusses hitting, biting, and tantrums. Continue reading

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